Frequently Asked Questions

A question with lots of answers.  It is a great form of exercise, with a combination of aerobic exercise and strength and balance training.  It helps the mind relax after a busy day.  Build your confidence. Challenge yourself in class and at gradings, or by entering tournaments and competitions. 
Most of all, because IT IS FUN!

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Absolutely!  Feel free to message us through our contact page or Facebook messenger, or call to talk to one of our friendly staff.

Visit our Facebook page for dates, events and activities.  

Take advantage of our $49 Introductory offer!

FREE Uniform & 4 Weeks UNLIMITED Training



Trying something new can be hard. There are a lot of emotions going on, excitement, nervousness, etc.  Try to come with a positive attitude, we want you to enjoy yourself as much as you can.  Nothing too hard will be asked of you for the start of your karate journey, and we are always adapting to the students and their ability level.  Our friendly staff we give you plenty of help and encouragement.

When you enrol you will receive a training uniform (Gi), normally costing $50, along with your first level belt (white).  As you advance through the ranks, new belts will be earned.

UNLIMITED training for the first 4 weeks.  Come to as many classes as you can.  Meet new people, or friends you know, and train in a fun, age appropriate group.  Covid19 restrictions may be in place in regards to class sizes.

Feel safe knowing that we have full insurance to cover anything that may occur as you train with us. 

If you are visiting us for an introductory class please wear comfortable sport clothing.

On signing up you will be given your uniform (Gi).  

Bring a drink bottle of water.  We give  short drink breaks during class, especially if we have made you sweat.  During the summer period it is essential to bring a drink, and training may be refused on very hot days if you do not have a drink of water.

We do not wear shoes or socks while training on the mat.  Wear shoes that you can put on and take off quickly and easily.  In some circumstances we may permit the use of special martial arts dojo shoes.  If you have queries about this, please speak to an instructor.

Learning to tie your belt can be a challenge.  With your permission we can help tie your belt for the first few classes. We can help you learn to tie it yourself and we can provide instructions for your reference. 
Always keep your belt with your Gi, there is nothing worse than arriving to karate having forgotten or lost your belt.

Try to be organised. Children become stressed quite easily if they arrive late, and do not enjoy the class as much.

Have a re-useable supermarket bag or similar to keep uniform, belt, drink bottle together. Finding things is much easier if kept together.

Have a light snack before training.

Encourage your child to go to the toilet before class.

Come dressed in your Gi, as we cannot use the change room during Covid19.

Try to use toilet at home.  We have access to toilet, but for sanitising reasons we encourage you to use your own facilities.

Take all rubbish home or put it in the bin at front desk.  Please do not leave rubbish on the bench seats or floor.

Always celebrate any success, everyone loves encouragement.  Photos on social media help us greatly.

And tell your friends how much fun you have – training with friends is great!

After your 4 week trial, you will know whether karate is for you. 

We have different ongoing plans, with great rates for families and 4th family member onwards can TRAIN FOR FREE!

If you decide that training with us is not right for you at the moment, keep your uniform as gift from us, and know that you can come back at any later stage and try again.  We will always be willing to help in any way we can.

YES! We have different ongoing plans, with great rates for families and 4th family member onwards can TRAIN FOR FREE!

Karate style Shūkōkai means “the way for all”.  Shūkōkai Karate was designed around the study of body mechanics. It is very fast due to its relatively high stance aiding mobility. It is known for the double hip twist, which maximises the force of its strikes; making it one of the most hard-hitting Karate styles.