Shukokai Karate Dojos Clans

We have launched SKD Clan Wars for all members. Think of it like school houses, only way cooler.

Which Clan will you be in?

Each dojo has 4 clans:

  • Asakura
  • Minamoto
  • Takeda
  • Imagawa

Each member is assigned a clan when they join.

Points may be given out during class for effort, quality techniques, attitude, winning games etc.

At the end of the year the winning clan is awarded the SKD Clan trophy.


One of the more northerly of the clans vying for power in the 16th century, the Asakura saw their greatest victories and defeats in the 1560s and 1570s.


The Minamoto were a clan from eastern Japan. Like their main opponents, the Taira, they were descendants of the imperial family. During the 12th century, they and the Taira fought for control of Japan.


Rivals of the Imagawa, the Takeda saw their greatest success under Takeda Shingen. An effective ruler, he extended his clan’s territory at the expense of his neighbours. Unlike many other lords, he succeeded in balancing the need to supply trained warriors with the need to keep enough workers in the rice fields to feed the population.


One of four clans vying for control of eastern Japan in the mid-1500s, the Imagawa used marriage, war, and scheming to try to dominate their opponents. Like the others, they were eventually eclipsed by the rise of Oda Nobunaga, one of Japan’s most famous leaders.